Tuesday, 23 August 2011

School Humiliation

The poor vietnamese girl on the video was caught red handed stealing one of her friend's money .

She was told to strip, verbally abused and beaten, One of the girl could be heard saying " This will teach you a lesson to make you a better person"                                                                                                          

Could someone please explain what she meant?                                                                                          

Brutal punishment

A man was looting a store in downtown Port-au-Prince post Haitian Earthquake with two other men when the police came, threw him into their truck and drove him up the hill.

The mob grabbed him from the truck, bound him in rope, dragged him down the street and  beat him with a long wooden stick.

African execution

General Idi Amin Dada seized power after a coup in January 1971. The cruelty of his repressive regime became legendary. Ex-Officer in the Ugandan Army and alleged “guerrilla” Tom Masaba is stripped of his clothes and tied to a tree before his execution at Mbale.

Lady Bois Humiliation

Jakarta police recently arrested numerous "lady boys" sex workers.

They were told to remove their tops to be photographed for front page of the leading newspaper.

Naked Prisoner

The chinese government found a new way to tackle the overcrowded prison problem in Changsa.

Some of the prisoners were forced to conduct "community service" by building a bridge in remote area in Sichuan.

To avoid any escape attempt and enforce control, the prisoners forced to built the bridge in their "birthday suits".

Talk about Hard Work!

Brothel Raid

The new ways to stop the growing prostitution problem in Asia:
1. Bring a local news cameraman when during the raid
2. Take the photos of the girls and their clients
3. Publish to shame and name the culprits

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Humiliating Punishment

A convicted rapist in Egypt was tortured by the local policemen. As if the punishment is not enough, he was forced to perform oral sex to few of guys, whilst being taped. It seems few of the policemen was enjoying punishing the bloody bruised man (for obvious reason!!!)


Female Stripped Naked

The video showed a poor terrified young girl accused of pickpocket in Shanxi province, China.

The girl was seen crying, before brutally beaten by two aggressive girls, exposing her breasts. Still unsatisfied, the girl was told to kneel for a further slapping and beating, before her tops completely tore off. Her attackers also chopped her hair and told the crying girl to remove her pants.

The attack was seen by the local community and only stopped when one old lady threaten to call the police.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Brutal Humiliating Punishment

Two thieves were found trying to steal a motorbike. Fortunately for one of them, he managed to escape leaving his accomplice for a brutal punishment by the local.

The man did look quiet arrogant during the interrogation. His arrogance quickly disappeared as he was stripped naked and brutally bashed, despite pleas from him and the shocked onlookers.

One man even lectured the local not to bash the thief in the face, but to aim at his spine. The torture and humiliation went further with some started to use wood and stick to beat him, with other tried to burn the poor soul as jokes.

Luckily for him, the police came just in time to take him away. Few voices could be heard bartering with the police to leave the thief for a further punishment.

The Accused Rapist

The man in the video was accused of raping the local girl. Whilst there is not solid evidence and the accusation solely based on rumor, he was caught and brutally beaten by the local villagers and police.